A gentle breeze, swards of green grass and the atmosphere of a member's club.  Between games you can take a break, have a snack (or more) at the golf course restaurant at Gaash, which is located between the Gaash Nature Reserve and the Hof Hasharon National Park.  A paradise just a short journey from Tel Aviv.

This is the winning combination of sport and business – you enjoy yourself and, if you so wish, can do some work at the same time in a relaxed environment.  There is apparently something in the social character of the game of golf, on the one hand, and its competitive aspect, on the other, that encourages business activity of a special nature in many ways.  A unique meeting of sport of a different kind, with interesting people and melding cultures.

An internal road, north-east of Kibbutz Gaash.  Here there are no traffic jams.  The air is clear and clean.  The breeze brings the smell of the sea and tickles the nostrils.  The green lawns, the woods of trees and the small lake that fills at times to overflowing send out a suggestive invitation.  A typical golf club.  Here you can escape the air pollution of the big and bustling city when pressure gets too great, relax in a pastoral atmosphere, meet friends and play golf.

A sycamore tree, which is over one hundred years old that also serves as the Club's logo, welcomes you on your arrival.  Already in the parking ground you can feel the difference.  A great sense of tranquility permeates the tens of dunams of grass so finely manicured by "the army" of green-keepers.  The course was designed by Peter Matkovich of South Africa and Elias Gitlin of Israel.

This is a challenging golf course of nine holes and 18 tees.  The length of the course is 2,700 meters.  The Club, which is owned by the Peleg brothers (Nahum and Eliezer) and Shimon Topor, was opened in 1999 and within a short time it became a brand name.  The atmosphere is pleasant and intimate.  There are about five hundred members today so that everyone knows one another, and our members also meet at various functions and events away from the Club.

The Club is open seven days a week, from six in the morning.  The driving range of the golf school is also open during evening hours, so that if you are tied up at work during the day, you can still take a break for the really important things after darkness falls, without having any excuses.

Professionals and members of the PGA teach at the Gaash golf academy.  There is a "pro" shop where you can buy the equipment necessary for pupils and for players.

As already mentioned the sport of golf is undergoing a genuine revolution.  It continues to gain in popularity and has broken into broad sections of the population.  Groups from all walks of business (hi-tech, banking and commercial companies) and the private sector (birthdays, barmitzvah celebrations and jubilees) enjoy concentrated golfing activity which makes it possible to experience the combination of sporting and social events and provides an inexpensive admission ticket into a highly sought-after world.  The Club is open to the public at large and the number of its members grows continuously.

Dress code

Entry into the practice and driving range area and going onto the course itself:

Only in a shirt with a collar, with cloth trousers or jeans (smart jeans) without tears, in golf shoes or sports shoes.


Sunday:  6:00 – 19:00

Monday:  6:00 – 19:00

Tuesday: 6:00 – 19:00

Wednesday: 6:00 – 19:00

Thursday: 6:00 – 19:00

Friday: 6:00 – 18:00

Saturday: 6:00 – 19:00

ָָָ*** The Club is closed on Remembrance Day and on Holocaust Day. It is necessary to ascertain with the Club what the closing hours are on festival eves.


Kibbutz Gaash 60951

Tel.: 09-9515111

Fax: 09-9511550


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